Our Favorite Winter Plant: Witch Hazel


Fragrant, colorful, medicinal and one of the few winter blooming shrubs.  Find a reason to get this amazing PLAnt into your garden. 

LATIN NAME: Hamamelis virginiana

THE PLANT: The North American native shrub thrives in full sun and well drained soil.  Give it plenty of room to grow as it can reach 15' tall, but can be selectively pruned for a smaller size.   Although yellow is the most popular cultivar, there are also red and orange ones.

OUR FAVORITE: 'Arnold Promise' - an aromatic, end-of-season bloomer that is easy to maintain and an amazing mix of yellow, orange and red fall foliage.

Did You Know... 

"Witch hazel has so many applications that Andrew Weil , M.D., called the decoction or tincture of the bark the "allaround astringent." Weil, who practices natural and preventive medicine, recommended using witch hazel to ease the pain of sunburn , windburn, insect bites, poison ivy blisters , and sore and sprained muscles." - Encyclopedia.com

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