Back for Spring!

Andddddd we're back! It's been a while, and although it's not quite spring just yet, were are officially back for the season as  New Eco had a great season last year (check out our portfolio) and we are looking forward to another great one, providing more services for our customers and always striving to be the best company we can possibly be.

This winter we have been working on quite a few garden designs for our clients, check back for photos and updates soon.

Last year a lot of gardeners were asking us if we sold and delivered plants and plant material that they could use themselves so this year we are launching our plant nurserythat sells and delivers a variety of native plants and organic plant material to the NYC area.  We will also be renting and delivering plants and plant material to businesses for events and indoor use.

We'll be posting more info about everything, plus updating our plant nursery site, over the next few days. Good to be back and looking forward to seeing you all this season!