Our Favorite Landscaping Books for New York

The economy is definitely getting back on its feet. How do I know? Because we have received a boatload load of requests for designs this year (keep posted for how they turn out).  Whenever we are doing a design, you would find one or all of the books I've listed below nearby.  Use these books if you're taking some design and gardening into your own hands, you won't regret it.

  • New York Gardener's Guide by Ralph Snodsmith

    This was one of the first books I bought and it never lets me down.  It has incredibly important information regarding the best and most reliable trees to plant in the New York climate.  We especially like the dedication to native species and a section on water efficient plants and planting.

  • Garden Design and Decoration by Peter McHoy and Tessa Evelegh  We found this book at a used book sale for a dollar.  This is a hard find but a great design tool.  It gives the reader a ton of ideas and styles to choose from and explains in detail how to build everything yourself.
  • Small Gardens by John Brookes For the New York City area, we like this book because it acts as a pictoral encyclopedia of a bunch of different ideas you would never think of on your own.  Definitely worth checking out.