What Can You Do About Mosquitoes in Your Garden?

We are getting to that time of the year again.  Your yard has blossomed and come to life, but unfortunately you can only enjoy it for brief periods of time, if at all, thanks to your uninvited and omnipresent guests: mosquitoes.  

One of the most frustrating things for someone in New York City with outdoor space is not being able to fully enjoy it because of the mosquito problem we are currently experiencing.

We get asked about how to get rid of mosquitoes by almost all of our clients and there are many things you can try, but what will actually work depends on a number of things.  However, the most important thing that you can do to prevent mosquitoes is to…


Yes, without standing water, mosquitoes cannot complete their life cycle and therefore cannot bother anyone.  Many people think that damp soil or having too many planted areas attract mosquitoes but that is simply not the case.  Mosquitoes don’t like dirt, they like stagnant or standing water and cannot effectively breed in anything else.  The problem is that most people focus on mosquito control in the wrong areas and overlook places where standing water can collect like:

  • rain gutters
  • roofs (especially the flat ones we have here in New York City)
  • pots, cups, buckets, etc. that do not have proper drainage holes
  • pools, fountains and bird baths
  • plastic covers, tarps and bags
  • toys

Disrupting these potential breeding sites, even just once a week, will prevent mosquito larvae from becoming adults.  The other important part of this process is talking to your neighbors!  You can do everything in your power to eliminate all of the standing water in your space but if your neighbor has an overturned bucket just a foot away on the other side of the fence, guess what? You have mosquitoes. 

If you have a pond or bird bath, something that has to have water in it, using the Mosquito Dunk (click here to purchase) is a great, proven and organic mosquito control method that kills just larvae. 

There are plenty of other natural ways to deal with mosquitoes once they becomes adults (click here for an article with some great ideas), but the most effective thing you can do is to stop them from becoming adults.

If you feel like calling in the experts and are in the New York City area, you should also give our friends over at Biomonde (http://biomondegreen.com) a call for an all-natural mosquito control program.