we are an eco-friendly and sustainably minded landscape company.



New Eco is on the forefront of creating innovative, beautiful landscape designs that are also highly efficient.


Our landscape design process begins by listening to client needs and ideas. An initial complimentary site visit by one of our professionals will allow you to share your vision for the space, realize its possibilities and get a sense of budget, timeline and the best course of action for making your dream landscape into a reality.

3d landscape renderings

After the initial design consultation, we begin working on your custom design package.  The highlight of our design package is our 3D renderings of the new garden which include several views of the space from multiple angles, including what the garden will look like from inside your home or building.

your custom design package

After the initial design consultation, we begin working on your custom design package.  Each client ends up with a tailor-made design package that features your fully realized garden design with every detail includes.  Along with the renderings, you will receive multiple plant and material storyboards that features pictures of each item and a line item breakdown of the budget and each element in the design, so you can fine tune and focus on the most important aspects of your new space. 

commerCial design services

New Eco's landscape designers have worked with a number of developers, designers and general contractors providing renderings, plant lists, construction documents and assistance with RFP's for commercial ventures in New York City.  With experience in the multi-family, municipal, governmental and hospitality sectors, we can easily assist you and offer a number design and development services for large-scale ventures. 



a one stop shop that combines fine craftsmanship with the use of innovative technology.


New Eco building crews are experienced and highly skilled in modern urban landscape building and construction. Whether you live in a Brooklyn brownstone or a Manhattan co-op, we go above and beyond to protect your home and please your building staff. We use advanced hardware and building techniques to make sure your deck, patio, or pergola will last for generations.


Good communication is the key to a successful NYC landscaping project.  All of our project managers and crew are equipped with smartphones and have access to our project management system which means an efficient and highly-managed experience. Your individual project manager will keep you up-to-date with developments, confirm crew arrivals and important dates and can provide pictures of ongoing progress and quickly answer any questions you may have.

attention to detail

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and true professionalism. New Eco urban landscaping projects start and finish on time, within the budget and without any corners being cut.  We take the time to make sure your site is properly prepared, left clean each day and the workmanship meets and matches our extremely high standards. 





for finished spaces that need some sprucing up, we bring lush greenery to the concrete jungle. 

plant DESIGN

For projects, like some NYC rooftop gardens that need only plants and no construction, we can provide either a comprehensive plant design, or a basic sketch and budget.  After listening to your plant needs and ideas, we can help you select the right trees, shrubs, perennials and flowers that will thrive in your particular site conditions, along with a budget that gives you multiple options for pre-fabricated or custom planters and pots if needed.


installations and Plantings

Your plant installations are handled no differently than our landscape construction projects.  You will have a project manager that will be communicating and coordinating the project.  Expect the job to take much less time than a typical construction project and we have been known to completely change the look and feel of a space with just plants in as little as one day. 

landscape irrigation

Our in-house irrigation team specializes in the installation of water efficient landscape irrigation systems that combine drip techniques and micro emitters along with custom controllers to allow for automatic watering of all your pots, planters and in-ground planting areas.  Our low-visibility systems are nearly invisible after installation, require minimal maintenance and are highly customizable and programmable to accommodate busy schedules   or for clients who want to enjoy their rooftop or small backyard garden designs without worrying about watering it.

landscape lighting

Custom, energy-efficient landscape lighting adds a completely different dimension to your space and increases the amount of time you can enjoy the garden for.  A necessity for entertaining or dining, look through pictures in our project portfolio for examples of how landscape lighting can completely transform an outdoor space like a terrace garden or small backyard garden design. 



New Eco maintains to rooftop gardens, terrace gardens, backyard gardens and front yard gardens as well as commercial and apartment buildings.

Weekly, Monthly, and Seasonal Organic Garden Maintenance

All gardens need maintenance, some more than others. We have a knowledgeable, trustworthy staff of horticulturalists ready to tame your weeds, mulch your beds, and prune your trees. We specialize in natural and organic methods of fertilization and insect control.

Seasonal Plantings and Bulbs

Our designers can bring color, style, and beauty to your entryway, terrace garden design, or courtyard landscaping. Seasonal plantings keep your landscape fresh and exciting. Our bulb displays incorporate native and woodland species and our annuals are locally grown.

Irrigation and Hardscaping Maintenance

New Eco Landscapes can maintain your irrigation system, pond or landscape lighting. Our crew can reseal outdoor counters, winterize fountains, and stain decks.

Organic Vegetable and Herb Gardens

New Eco can plant and maintain your vegetable and herb gardens. We’ll help you harvest and winterize the garden in fall. We specialize in organic gardening practices to keep your food healthy and safe.

Holiday Lights and Greenery

When the garden is closed for winter, we can put up Christmas lights or decorate with fresh greenery for any holiday occasion. We’ll even come back to take them down.