for finished spaces that need some sprucing up, we bring lush greenery to the concrete jungle. 

plant DESIGN

For projects, like some NYC rooftop gardens that need only plants and no construction, we can provide either a comprehensive plant design, or a basic sketch and budget.  After listening to your plant needs and ideas, we can help you select the right trees, shrubs, perennials and flowers that will thrive in your particular site conditions, along with a budget that gives you multiple options for pre-fabricated or custom planters and pots if needed.


installations and Plantings

Your plant installations are handled no differently than our landscape construction projects.  You will have a project manager that will be communicating and coordinating the project.  Expect the job to take much less time than a typical construction project and we have been known to completely change the look and feel of a space with just plants in as little as one day. 

landscape irrigation

Our in-house irrigation team specializes in the installation of water efficient landscape irrigation systems that combine drip techniques and micro emitters along with custom controllers to allow for automatic watering of all your pots, planters and in-ground planting areas.  Our low-visibility systems are nearly invisible after installation, require minimal maintenance and are highly customizable and programmable to accommodate busy schedules   or for clients who want to enjoy their rooftop or small backyard garden designs without worrying about watering it.

landscape lighting

Custom, energy-efficient landscape lighting adds a completely different dimension to your space and increases the amount of time you can enjoy the garden for.  A necessity for entertaining or dining, look through pictures in our project portfolio for examples of how landscape lighting can completely transform an outdoor space like a terrace garden or small backyard garden design.